Organise an online tournament

We stay at home as much as possible because of the corona virus. Practicing teamsports isn't always possible and many events have unfortunately been canceled. An online tournament is a great way to stay in touch with your members, colleagues or teammates. With the latest Tournify update, organising such a tournament is a lot easier and more affordable.

Playing rounds

When creating a new tournament you can set the location as 'online'. Based on the tournament format you create, we automatically divide the matches to be played into playing rounds. You can optionally link a date and time to these rounds. Tip: if you host a tournament with individual players instead of teams, you can simply switch to an individual sport on the Participants page.

Random draw and byes in brackets

On the division page, you can randomly divide the teams or players over the groups at the touch of a button. In a tournament with direct knockout, teams receive a bye if no opponent can be drawn for the first round of play.

Online check in + allow participants to enter scores

You can now choose to share a unique login link with each participant. This allows them to check in online just before the tournament starts, so that you can be sure that everyone is ready. During the tournament, the participants can enter the results of their matches themselves via the public website of the tournament. As an organiser you are always in control and you can easily resolve the conflicts that arise when two players submit a different score. Tip: If you use the Tournify registration page, you can choose to add the unique login links to the confirmation email they receive after registration.

Need help organising an online tournament? We are happy to help you! For example, check out this Tournify demo page (in Dutch) of an online FIFA 20 tournament or contact us by calling or texting +31 20 211 71 09.



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