Roster referees at one blow

We love to tell you all about the latest update to te Schedule page, enabling some of our most requested features. Now you can set multiple match durations for one tournament, our plan algorithm has been improved and we've added loads of options for creating a referee schedule.

Set the match duration per tournament, division or group

Do you have different match durations during your tournament? You're not alone! Therefore, you're now able to easily change the match duration of an entire division, group or bracket. If a conflict arises in your schedule, Tournify will highlight it for you.

Schedule referees and allow teams to act as referees

We've put a lot of effort into the planning of referees in the schedule. Now you can specify preferences for each referee: for which division, time or day is the referee available? How many matches is the person allowed to assist and which team is excluded from his or her options? You can set it and Tournify will create the ideal schedule for your tournament. You can also indicate that the teams should assist each other's matches. Do you prefer to make the schedule yourself? No problem, you can now easily drag referees to and from a match.

Add events

If you want to add something to the schedule that does not require a score, you can now simply create an event for that. Very useful for a team photo, award ceremony or lunch. If you assign teams to an event, they will see the events pop up on their My Team page.

Do you also want to contribute ideas about new functions? Then go to (login required). Here you can submit an idea yourself or respond and vote on ideas from other users.

Other improvements

In addition to the mentioned updates, we have made the following improvements:

  • In addition to Dutch and English, Tournify is now also available in French, German and Spanish.
  • You can easily rearrange locations, divisions, fields and slides by dragging them.
  • If you have added individual players to your tournament, an extra check mark has been added so that you can hide the names from the public website.
  • The ranking has been improved and now also take into account 'sub-brackets' (brackets in which the dropouts of a round play against each other again).
  • The ranking is now also shown when your tournament consists of only one phase.
  • You can see live how many unique visitors have visited the tournament's public website.
  • It is now possible to add a URL to a sponsor image, so that someone on the public website can click directly to the sponsor.
  • You can click on a pool, bracket or single match on the Results page to view the standings in the tournament management environment.
  • You can click on a phase on the Results page to see the score in all pools, brackets and individual matches of that phase.
  • By giving teams plus or minus points in a pool you can manipulate the automatically calculated position. For example to give penalty points if a team has not shown up.
  • A purchase on invoice now has a standard payment term of 30 days.
  • If you have added a pool to a slide, you can now choose to show only the position in the pool and hide the match schedule.
  • You can now specify that individual players will participate in your tournament instead of teams. All texts are then automatically adjusted.
  • You can now add additional products to the registration page, in addition to just the registration. Consider, for example, consumption coupons, a barbecue or deposit.
  • Player statistics and extra points can now also be tracked in knockout matches and individual matches.
  • The creation of a (first) tournament has been improved. You now enter the name and date on one page and when typing in a location you will automatically receive suggestions from Google Maps.
  • Conflicts with teams or referees that are scheduled at the same time are now also indicated when the starting time of the games is different, but there is an overlap between games.
  • If a referee is assigned to a match that does not match his / her preferences, you will see a warning with a tooltip to indicate the problem.
  • Referees who cannot whistle on the selected day and / or location are highlighted in gray in the sidebar.
  • If you drag a referee, the potential places where he can whistle are automatically indicated.
  • If you have started multiple phases in your tournament, you can only roll back the last started phase first.
  • When copying a tournament, the phases are now reversed correctly.
  • You can now hide the match schedule from the public website. This way you can already announce the group divisions, but keep the schedule hidden.
  • The player ranking now also shows the team name of a player and you can view these statistics separately for each phase.
  • Extra points (such as fair play) are now also shown in the rankings.



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