From the registration to the award ceremony

We have released a cool new update with two big improvements: you can now register teams directly via Tournify for your tournament and planning a tournament has become a lot more visual.

Your own registration page, with online payment

An important part of the organization of a tournament is finding participating teams. If you are organizing a large tournament with open registration, we now have a smart solution for processing all registrations. You can now add a registration page to the public website of the tournament. You decide which information you want to receive from the teams, choose the registration rate and set what the confirmation email should look like. Tournify takes care of the rest: every registration is automatically added to your tournament and the form closes automatically when the maximum number of teams has been reached. If you link Tournify to Mollie, you can even have the teams pay directly online. Mollie is a well-known payment provider and works with iDeal, Creditcard, Paypal and the Belgian payment methods Bancontact, KBC / CBC payment button and Belfius Pay Button. Each payment will be deposited directly into your Mollie account and you can set how often you want this amount to be deposited into the company account (for example daily, weekly or monthly). The best thing: there are no start-up costs and you only pay a low service fee to Mollie for every successful transaction.

Easy planning

Our drag & drop field planner gives every tournament organizer the maximum flexibility in creating a match schedule. With this new update we make the schedule more fun and clearer, by making some changes to the design. For example, each group has its own color and even if you work with multiple divisions, you can see at a glance which matches belong to which category.

Other improvements

In addition to these changes, we implemented the following (minor) points at the end of last year:

  • More support options and help with tournament creation.
  • Work on one tournament with multiple accounts. The main administrator can assign the rights.
  • Add attachments to a tournament's public website.
  • Purchase an upgrade on invoice, in addition to the option to pay directly online.
  • When purchasing an upgrade on invoice, it is possible to enter a reference (eg a route number or order number), which is placed on the invoice.
  • When purchasing an upgrade on invoice, Belgian entrepreneurs are obliged to provide the VAT number.
  • When you have deleted a tournament, the link from the public website will be available again for a new tournament.
  • Improved sorting functionality of teams on the Participants page.
  • In the slide show you can choose which tournament day you want to show the matches from a specific pool. This is useful for a competition where a number of matches from a large pool are played each day.
  • Match tickets can now be exported per tournament day.
  • The header on the public website has been made smaller and the logo is better aligned.