Tournify is completely redesigned

We are thrilled that you are using Tournify for your tournaments! And we think you will only like it more, because Tournify has been completely renewed. Over the past few months, we've worked hard on a new version of our tournament software, giving you maximum flexibility in creating your tournament format and match schedule. We've also made minor changes to our plans and updated our terms of use and privacy policy.

Your own tournament setup

You can now build the tournament yourself by adding groups, (knock-out) brackets and individual matches. You can create your own classification for each division (or class or category) that consists of one or more phases. Endless possibilities!

Flexible match scheduling

Use the new planner tool to determine which pools, brackets or matches you want to plan on which field, or simply drag the matches to a field. You can now create any format you want, all the way to the finals, as well as easily include breaks in the schedule.

A new way to share and display your tournament

The Tournify Live screen has always been fun to show the standings and results directly to the participants of the tournament, but it is now much more convenient. On a computer or telephone, participants can click through all the information on a public website and you can create a slideshow to present your tournament.

Adjustments in our packages

You can also choose in the new version whether you want to upgrade your tournament to the World Class or Legendary package, or prefer to use the free Amateur package. Creating divisions is now also possible in the free version and you can set up your entire tournament before you decide to upgrade. In order to make updates like this possible in the future, you can now divide up to 8 teams in the free version. The prices of the upgrades have remained unchanged.

Updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

You have undoubtedly received a lot of emails about the new AVG / GDPR law that all organizations must comply with before May 25th. At Tournify we have also updated our terms of use and privacy policy. They are now easier to read and you have more control over how your data is used. A processor agreement is also included in the terms of use (Appendix 1). This is necessary because we process your personal data, for example because you enter the names of referees or keep contact details of the teams. The new conditions take effect immediately. If you continue to use Tournify, you automatically agree to the new terms.

Do you have questions about the new version, the modified packages or the updated terms and conditions? Feel free to send us an email at